Kapture KPT-700 2.7” Full High Definition In-Car Digital Video Recorder with G-Sensor


You experience some of life’s greatest moments while on the road, but the road can also be an unpredictable place where incidents can happen at any time. Kapture’s High Definition DVR cameras ensure that it won’t be your word versus theirs when it comes to insurance claims and matters for the courts, and you’ll also be able to record your greatest memories on the road and have them forever. The KPT-700 features a 2.7" LCD Screen, True 1080HD High Definition, G-Sensor, Loop Recording, Motion Detection, Video & Still recording all in a small footprint perfect for limited windsheild space. Kapture is your eyewitness on the road, providing you with a visual, audible and time stamped record of your experiences behind the wheel.

RRP $149.00

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